2jazzy41Ari has been an artistic curator over a decade focusing on; musicians repertoire, constructing balanced shows, producing jazz events, panel discussions/lectures, speaker series’ and concerts. Please contact Ari at Ari@NYCJazzTour.com to inquire about these services.

As part of High Standards: The Legacy of The Great American Songbook Cabaret artist Steve Ross lecturing and performing at Buffalo State College led by Ari Silverstein.

Song writer and jazz musician Bob Dorough and cabaret artist Kathleen Landis lecturing and performing at Buffalo State College, led by Ari Silverstein.

All images courtesy: Bruce Fox

Letter From The Jazz Cabaret Hall Of Fame Inductee Ronny Whyte

NewAddQuoteSheilaJordanAri’s a very special guy and when he plans an event, you can believe it is of the highest quality. I was treated royally by him when I did a concert in Buffalo. He can’t help himself…it’s born right in him.
– Sheila Jordan (National Endowment For The Arts Jazz Master)
Photo: Ari Silverstein, Sheila Jordan and Steve Kuhn